“Can we push this piece of shit off a cliff now?”

Whether or not you’re still together, you can never change your feelings regarding That Car.

Last week, I asked you guys for that one car your significant other, either current or former, drove that you absolutely hated. You secretly wished a horrible, fiery death upon it where you could leave it smoldering on the side of a back road somewhere for someone else to deal with.

What were the cars? Let’s see.

Sick (Shooting Cars; Because Making Videos About Cars Wasn’t Catchy)

Yaris fever.

Handle (IHateCleverScreenNames)

And you still went on a second date after that!

Not Always The Answer (yamahog the damnyankee)

Despite what you might read on this website.

Bugs Burn (REDMAN4)

It looks so happy, though.

Rant (NegativeEd)

Let it all out, man.

Winter Is Coming (NeonBlaqk)

And then you’re fucked.

Jimmy Needs Work (SparkPlug128)

Just that one was bad.

The Year Of The Nitro (1975Jimmy)

What an eyesore.

Fire (Mailbox Cancer)

So much symbolism.

Last Straw (fastivaracer)

Was there anything good about this thing?

“A Real Mustang” (ThatGirlKay)

Damn, that burn.

But, Velour... ! (CalBearsFan99)

You mean to tell me that didn’t seal the deal for you?

Compass, For Those Who Are Lost (You were supposed to say Vandalay!)

Oh, yes, the beloved Jeep Compass.


That poor Maxima.

I’ve Never Driven A Turd Before (Molemann)

But it’s probably just like driving this.