I’m not sure there’s much to say about hitting a parked truck under yellow, so here’s a Days of Thunder reference. Needless to say, NASCAR Sprint Cup racer Michael McDowell has achieved the wrong kind of perfection. Oops.

Here’s a slightly longer clip from the folks at NASCAR:


Needless to say, McDowell tried to shake it off in his comments after the incident:


“Following.” Uh-huh. Rule #1 of driving on a race track: don’t follow the dude’s bumper in front of you. You never know when he’s actually doing something dumb. Look ahead and drive your own race.

When you don’t, stuff like this happens.

Luckily, per ESPN NASCAR journalist Bob Pockrass, the safety crew associated with said truck was all fine after the surprise hit.


Truck. Parked. On. Track.

Stationary object.




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