Rock Throwing Road Raging Motorcyclist Records Their Own Crimes

Van flips motorcyclist off. Motorcyclist flips van off. Van throws bottle at motorcyclist. Motorcyclist throws rock at van, films it all, and somehow lets it get uploaded to YouTube where it quickly climbs close to a million views.


A video titled “Rocky Balmoto,” a desperate attempt at a boxing movie reference, featuring that exact chain of events above has been climbing the YouTube “Trending” page all day, despite being uploaded four months ago. The video features helmet-mounted camera footage from the rider of a red motorcycle getting into some seriously illegal road rage.

It’s uploaded to a YouTube channel called “jon benjamin” which may or may not be the name of the person who recorded the video, edited the video, and eventually uploaded the video, but the channel’s image shows a red motorcycle. Could it be the same motorcycle?


Would someone actually be dumb enough to record themselves throwing a rock through the window of a moving vehicle, attacking the driver after being provoked in a fit of road-rage?

Of course not! The “jon benjamin” account commented on its own video proclaiming that it’s not them in the video, despite their channel having two (2) other uploads of the same motorcycle, and the channel page featuring an image of the same motorcycle.

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They also managed to launch a defense for, uh, “whoever” was riding the motorcycle in the video by justifying throwing a rock and shattering the driver’s side window of a moving vehicle because the other person started it.


Whether the person in the video is the same person who uploaded it, and whether they are named “jon benjamin” or not, there’s no justification for the sort of violence demonstrated. It’s also pretty dumb to film and edit a video of you committing crimes just to brag about your ill-tempered fit of road-rage.

Anyway, “you just gotta watch”:

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If some clown threw something at me while I was riding a bike, I’d def crack their windows.

Def would NOT record it, though.