Few films have scenes as iconic as the ones where Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward meets with his secret source "Deep Throat" in a dark parking garage during his investigation into Watergate. Those meetings happened in real life, too, and now the actual garage's days are numbered.

Though the story told in Woodward and Bernstein's book All The President's Men and its subsequent film adaptation was well-known by the mid-1970s, no one knew where the actual garage was until 2005 when Woodward's secret source was revealed to be former FBI associate director W. Mark Felt. It turns out it's in Arlington, Virginia in the Rosslyn neighborhood.


And now it's set to be torn down, according to local blog ARLNow. The buildings at at 1401 Wilson Blvd and 1400 Key Blvd will be taken down and replaced with some fancy new mixed-use development.

A historical marker outside the garage noting it as the place where Felt gave Woodward information that helped unravel Richard Nixon's presidency is expected to stay up after the garage is torn down.

Kind of a shame, when you think about it. How many other parking garages have historical significance?

Photo credit Warner Bros