I Told Jaguar I Know They'll Make The C-X17 Crossover After The Sedan

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Kevin Stride (Head of Engineering) and Ian Callum (Head of Design) both smiled when I told them I think I know what they're up to with this concept. Of course, they couldn't comment. But we talked numbers.

It's may only be confirmed by my guts, but here's why the C-X17 seems very real even if it's just a one-off carbon fiber-bodied show car:

  • It's a working prototype. Meaning that it drives.
  • They told me it's 90% feasible as it is right now.
  • It's based on Jaguar's brand new aluminum platform.
  • It's a proper Jaaaaaag.

They are looking at it, they will realize it's doable, and they will go for it. That's the British way.

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Aya, Almost Has A Cosmo With Toyota Engine Owned by a BMW.

I wonder if Jaguar build an SUV, then what will be sold by the guys from Land Rover?

I mean..
The Evoque kinda old for now. The new facelift of Discovery make the car looks like chinese knock-offs. The Range Rover looks like a Streched Evoque.