Barn Finds Not Only Exist, But They're Freaking Everywhere!

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, traditional, old-school car enthusiasts can now put all of their rusty gold online for the world to ogle and bid up to ridiculous prices, leaving virtually no more rare barn finds for the people who prefer to shake hands instead of texting. As it turns out, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

As a car hoarder- er, collector, I’m always on the hunt for new cars. Well, not new cars per se, but cars that I haven’t owned yet. It’s actually preferable to me for the cars to be in sorry shape, as I can put my own touch on them to make them shine like the diamonds I imagine them to be.

But short of that huge time and money commitment, I love seeing like-minded people uncover and unearth barn finds that are considered priceless, all the while their owners simply keep them locked away as shelving, collecting dust slowly and sadly.


That’s why Barn Find Hunter, a YouTube series made by Hagerty (Collector Car Insurance), is a breath of fresh air - or dusty air. Whatever, it’s fantastic and every episode is worth watching if you’re a die-hard car nut or you just like to see old stuff with character, personality, and history.

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Tavarish writes and makes videos about fixing and modifying cars on the internet. Sometimes they actually run.

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I thought this was gonna be guide to finding barns with cars in them - not some reality tv show.

So disappoint.