There's been a lot of talk of the 2014.5 Mustang dropping about 400 pounds of weight to something around 3,100 lbs. Surprisingly, that's not particularly light, even for a Mustang.

The original '65 Ford Mustang weighed in at just 2,445 for the base straight-six model. The 1979 Mustang (the first Fox Body) was nearly as light, coming in at 2,530 lbs. That was even lighter than the Mustang II, which was 2,620 lbs at its lightest.

Surely, though, there have been lighter Mustangs than that, but I don't know which was the lightest. Were the Trans-Am cars lighter than the first Shelby GT350? Funny cars are certainly lighter still, but do they count as real Stangs?

This is a very open-ended question, so post what you think is the lightest Mustang ever made along with its curb weight and a justification why it counts as a genuine car.


All weight stats sourced from HowStuffWorks' Mustang Specificiations page.

Photo Credit: Ford via OldCarBrochures