Photo courtesy of Denttech76

The high school parking lot, for many, was the place where you scoped out what everyone else drove. The place that wasn’t the gymnasium where you could size a kid up. Make friends. Make enemies. High school stuff.

Last week, I asked you about your high school parking lots because, honestly, mine was pretty bad. Where they just the gray and mundane places where people parked their cars before they went into class? Or were they a place for socializing? Were there laws and rules everyone followed?

You gave me some insight.

Witness (stayinspool)

Hey, stayinspool, don’t worry, you were the one watching and laughing.

Stick To The Schedule (Bobby Z.)

Because you know what will happen if you don’t.

The Back Row Kids (Autojunkie)

The best rules are the unwritten ones.

A Stealing Cop? (Bakkster, touring car driver)

Why, I never.

Mark Your Territory (Nick Ricci)

So nobody treads on your turf.

Divine Intervention (colorfulyawn)

LPT: Bible paper is shitty rolling paper.

Jaaaackie! (john spain)

The ramp group, what was that about?

Michelle (Elhigh)

We all can look back on a Michelle.

Reunion (Jimmy Knuckles)

What happened to all those guys?

Runaway Mini (quaker864)

“Pardon the interruption. Will quaker864 please come down to the office? His Mini has been moved and we need him to move it back.”

Guarded Lot (What year is that?)

How many friends can you hide in the trunk?

Boss Time (LTT)

Anyone else cringe when they read what happened?

Snapshots (Denttech76)

I like these pictures.

BUS!! (Ben)

“I think the bus just hit my car.”

And To End (Tamporter)

Isn’t this what we’re all here for?