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I think if anyone ever tried to make you, at spearpoint, tell them what Japanese car most sort of felt like a mid-60s shrunken Ford Falcon, the Isuzu Bellett would be a pretty good choice. Good luck. 


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That looks uncannily like the ‘63 Falcon that my dad taught me to drive stick in, right down to the color. Back in the days when automakers put the shifter where it belongs...on the steering column...three, count ‘em, THREE forward gears! Rubber floor mats, no seat belts, bench seats that you tended to slide across on turns, no power steering or brakes, AM only radio (an additional cost option), dashboard made of metal and a steering wheel designed to minimize grip and maximize heat transfer to your hands if the vehicle was left in the sun.

They don’t make ‘em like they used to...thank God.