What Car TV Show Needs To Happen?

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Car shows today are horrifically formulaic. You have the ones where people drive cars and tell you what they're like (hint: they have a hint of understeer at the limit) and you have ones where people tell you how to fix old hunks of junk (hint: buy their licensed car care products). We need some new blood.


What car show idea deserves to be on the air? Or on the Interweb?

Make your pitch, no matter how crazy, below.

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Junkyard Restoration.

Premesis: Three teams of 4 people each are given identical cars (with no engines) and a budget of $3000. They must then hit up a junkyard and purchase tons of misc. parts from other vehicles just in case.

The twist: They don't know what the challenge will be. Maybe they have to make a monster truck. Maybe they have to make an MPG monster, maybe they have to make a dragster, or maybe they have to enter a car-show.

The prize is $20,000.

I'd watch.