The Daily Show Tackles The Insanity That Is Detroit Politics

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We've written about Detroit's new bridge, which is a giant taxpayer boondoggle that has no purpose other than Detroit desperately needs another bridge to Canada. Oh, and it won't cost the taxpayers in the United States anything.

The only bridge between Detroit and Canada — the Ambassador Bridge — is owned by a Billionaire who tried to get Americans to vote against a free bridge. It's insane. Only slightly less insane than Detroit politics, as well chronicled by The Daily Show here. All you need to know is in this clip.

It's hard to tell who comes off worse here. Is it the Tea Partier who is clearly racist, the soccer mom who has a weird obsession with Canadian milk or the Black Panther who is clearly working for the man?


My vote is a three-way tie between the Black Panther, the millions of Detroiters who voted against it, and the so-called merciful God who let Detroit get this bad. I mean, they didn't even get around to making any Kwame Kilpatrick jokes.

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