'Horrible' And 'Irritating' Nissan Altima Among 7 Cars Buyers Regret Most: Consumer Reports

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At this point, if you buy a Jeep Compass, I just don’t feel bad for you.

But Consumer Reports’ annual survey of 230,000 car owners reports six other less obvious vehicles that led to a miserable experience. The seven cars from each category they rank are:

  • The aforementioned Jeep Compass, which exists only to tell other people you make poor life choices so they can stay away from you
  • The Nissan Quest minivan, slammed for bad visibility and a frustrating CVT
  • The Mercedes-Benz CLA, which—surprise!—feels cheap
  • The Nissan Altima, called “horrible” and “irritating” for its handling
  • The Hyundai Veloster, which felt cheap and underpowered
  • The Nissan Frontier, dinged for bad fuel economy and a terrible turning radius
  • And the Kia Rio, blasted for worse fuel economy than advertised (no shocker there) and a harsh ride

It’s kind of surprising to see so many Nissans on that list, but then again, that company hardly has the most inspiring lineup these days.

Do you agree with CR’s report, and what car do you most regret buying?

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“Horrible” and “Irritating” Nissan Altima DRIVERS among the 7 most despised drivers other drivers regret.

Seriously...the CLA deserves every bit of scorn it can bear. Everyone who drives that shitbox thinks they are a cut above everyone else (or is that an increased level of smug? I can't tell). That car already looks dated and anyone who knows cars will know the owners bought the cheapest Benz (FWD no less!) they could hope to afford in an effort to look rich.