Have two lifestyle hobbies but only one weekend to get away? Want a vehicle to carry your surfboard, but without the convenience of four wheels and a body? Well look no further than the custom-built “Red Pill” - the ultimate motorcycle for showing off what an awesome life you live.

The custom build was developed by head bike builder Jeremy Tagand at Deus Ex Machina Customs in Sydney, Australia. The motorcycle itself is a cafe-styled build from Deus Ex’s regular model, the W650, but fiddled with to ride lower and leaner.

The surf bike’s custom features include (via the website):

... custom ace bars, digital clock, custom stainless front and rear fenders, Bates style head light, Rizoma mirrors and indicators from Posh compliment the now lowered stance of the W.

Rear suspenders are shorter Icon units enabling the Firestones contact with the black top, while Jeremy has modified the forks internals for appropriate ride height.


The motorcycle’s board mounts are also quick release, so when you’re not surfing, you can still ride around looking cool.

The custom bike is only for production and sale in Sydney, but it wouldn’t too out of place to have something similar on the coast of California.

‘Red Pill’, to be taken twice daily. If symptoms persist, double the dose!


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(Photos via Deus Ex Machina)

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