I See London, I See France, I See The Nissan GT-R's Roll-Caged Underpants

Illustration for article titled I See London, I See France, I See The Nissan GT-Rs Roll-Caged Underpants

The guys at Brass Monkey Racing recently announced plans to enter two Nissan GT-Rs in the 2010 World Challenge championship. The build process for both cars is being documented on the team's website. Naked Godzilla? Those are some large undies.

Two points of interest here: First, removing the bodywork from a GT-R just makes the car seem even larger. This makes no sense. Second, the background on Brass Monkey's site is an artsy image of a GT-R Spec V badge. We'll let you draw your own conclusions on that one.

Cool Bit of Trivia Department: Nissan hasn't campaigned a car in World Challenge since 2005.


Think About That Department: In the past, World Challenge has kicked off each of its events with a standing start. As far as we know, this won't change for 2010. Godzilla plus sticky tires plus short-course gearing? Should be fun to watch.

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Wow, that World Challenge Championship thing, which I'd never heard of, has some really cool cars.

In 2009 they had: Veedubs, Mitsus, Subies, Lexii (or Lexuses?), Mazdas, Beemers, Acuras, Dodges, Volvos, Porsches, Pontiacs, Lambos, Stangs, Vettes, Vipers, Caddies, Astons and Lotuses!

All that's missing is the Dacia Sandero; Zing!