Lamborghini Admits Its Owners Couldn't Handle A Rear-Wheel Drive Aventador

Ever since they started offering AWD on the Diablo, Lamborghini has offered an extra high-performance, rear-wheel drive version of their top all-wheel drive supercar. But they just backed down on a RWD Aventador, and the reason they gave is kind of hilarious.

Here’s what Lamborghini’s research and development director Maurizio Reggianis said about the prospect of a rear-drive Aventador, as Autocar reports:

The Aventador can only be four-wheel drive because we have so much power and torque to manage; only with four driven wheels are you able to manage this.


Oh, so 700 horsepower is too much for rear-wheel drive? Ferrari and McLaren, with their 900+ horsepower RWD supercars might beg to differ. Dodge begs to differ as well!

Clearly, 700 HP and two-wheel drive aren’t too much for a skilled driver to manage. It looks like Lamborghini is finally admitting that its buyers and drivers are better off with porky, understeery rocket sleds.

Photo Credit: Lamborghini (the 750 horsepower and safely AWD Aventador SV pictured)


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