Global Rallycross Will Have An All-Electric Series In 2018

Photo credit: Red Bull Global Rallycross
Photo credit: Red Bull Global Rallycross

Finally, someone’s finally answering one of the critical questions we’ve had about electric vehicles: can we jump them repeatedly like maniacs without electrocuting ourselves in spectacular fashion?


Red Bull Global Rallycross is hoppin’ on that battery-powered bandwagon with a new, all-electric standalone series that will run alongside its Supercars and GRC Lites series starting in 2018, per a series announcement.

Here’s what they said:

“Red Bull Global Rallycross is pleased to add to our rallycross platform an electric series,” said Red Bull GRC CEO Colin Dyne. “The 2018 season will be a landmark year for us as we welcome electric vehicles to the grid for the first time. The electric car is one of the hottest topics in the automotive industry, and manufacturers across the globe have recognized its immense potential. We want to embrace this technology by welcoming it into our series as we continue to grow and expand.

Red Bull GRC and the United States Auto Club have partnered to be the governing body for the new series. While the announcement says it’s all about wooing Millenials with future-tech, plug-in pursuits like Formula E have also proven to be an easy sell to sponsors who want to appear environmentally-conscious as well as manufacturers who want a testbed for new electric technologies.

It’s all about that sweet, sweet funding, so GRC’s move into electrics feels like a no-brainer.

Details haven’t come out about the cars yet, but building electric vehicles sturdy enough to bang doors around a rallycross track can only be good news for enthusiasts. I expect to see the next-gen Nissan Leaf fly like a bird, future Hoons of the Day. Do not disappoint me.

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I prefer this idea much more over something like Formula E or autonomous racing. Electric cars are bland. Slidey electric cars are not.