I Needed The Dues: Wert Does Fast Lane Daily

OK, so I needed the dues and what better way to put some cheddar in my pocket than by selling out graciously accepting an invitation to guest host today's episode from the car show on the Lane that's Fast on a Daily basis. You can barely tell it, but I'm wearing a "Decepticon" t-shirt. Because, ya know, that's how I roll. Apparently I also roll needing a haircut. Enjoy the video of me re-hashing the news from yesterday — just so at least one of us did.


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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

Horshes. I really want to hear you say "She sells sea shells, by the sea shore"!

Love the humor though, this one of the 1st times I havent thought about pulling finger nails off as a funner way to waste time, as opposed to Fast Lane's other occasional hosts.