Watch This Motorcyclist Snitch To A Cop After Being Cut Off

Photo: CrashTestDave/YouTube
Photo: CrashTestDave/YouTube

A Honda driver cut off a motorcyclist. The rider swears at her and warns she’s on video. Then he rolls up to a cop and snitches on her, and they both give pursuit. Just another day in the wild world of helmet cam videos.


This video, from YouTuber CrashTestDave, shows the motorcyclist and Honda Civic fail at negotiating a “right lane ends, merge left” situation. The clip is filled with adults acting like children; on one hand, you have the aloof Honda driver, who didn’t use her turn signal and barely gave the biker a glance after merging into his lane.

Then you’ve got the foul-mouthed biker, who probably could have easily just let off the throttle and tucked back into the lane, especially since—when the lanes started to actually merge—it looked like the Honda was half a car-length ahead.


Situations like this are common in riding, so it’s surprising that this guy got so pissed about a seemingly manageable situation. But pissed he was, yelling and cursing at the Honda driver, and then flagging down a cop and complaining: “She tried to run me out of my lane at the merge.” That’s when the cop and the biker give pursuit:

An astute Redditor found the intersection in question on Bing Maps (in other news, today we learned people use Bing Maps) and indeed, there appears to be a clearly-marked “right lane merges left” sign, so the Honda driver should have been paying attention. No excuse, there.

EDIT: As reader McMike points out, this sign may no longer be there due to construction.

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In the end, the motorcyclist showed the cop to the Honda driver, who then received two tickets. crashtestdave said on Reddit:

The cop said he gave her 2 tickets; Passing on the right and unsafe lane change. Somewhere between $200-$300. I’m more than happy with that result as she can’t really fight them as they have the video too.


What a shitshow.

h/t: Mashable

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The guy on the bike is understandably upset, but he was a real dick about it. You may be right, but you’re not doing the public perception of bikers any favors.