SEMA is supposed to be completely ridiculous. The show works best when automakers embrace that idea. It’s not enough to just slap some stickers on a Camaro! No, you have to go big or go home. Thank god for Scion, because they did just that with this hilariously awesome lowrider Scion iA sedan.

The iA, as you may recall, is the nose-jobbed, re-badged Mazda2 sedan that America gets instead of the actual Mazda2 hatchback. In spite of this, being a Mazda underneath means it’s probably pretty decent to drive.


What it isn’t is a lowrider from the factory, but Fresh Off The Boat creator Eddie Huang is here to fix that. Metallic yellow paint, a super low ride, wire wheels, chain link steering wheel and SPEAKERS EVERYWHERE make this Scion done up the right way.

Expect more cars from SEMA soon, and we’ll post them if they’re awesome like this and not stupid and boring.

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