What's The Friendliest Group Of Car Owners?

A lot of people hear "car enthusiast" and automatically think "raging asshole." But while there are indeed selfish douchebags who make gearheads look bad, I'd wager the vast majority of us are decent and friendly people who care about what they drive and each other.

As I learned in my M235i road trip, while BMW owners get a bad rap thanks to idiots in newer-ish M5s and M3s with more money than brains, the vintage crowd couldn't be more different. They're a wonderful group of folks who are extremely accepting and supportive of one another. They all have a pretty good sense of humor, too.


That's our question of the day: What's the friendliest group of car owners?

Older BMW owners get my vote, but I've never met an air-cooled Volkswagen fan who was a jerk. They all seem to be pretty awesome to each other, veterans and newcomers alike.

Your turn: What group of owners are out there making us all look good? Specific brands or models, please!

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