NASCAR's Joey Logano May Want To Prepare For A Fight After Talladega

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Matt Kenseth’s gone from mildly annoyed with Joey Logano over a crash last week to super mad to, um, today, when he radioed in, “Tell that 22 [Logano] I’m gonna knock him out after the race. Tell him to hide behind his daddy.” Eeeeek.


Athlon Sports writer Geoffrey Miller caught the salty radio message Kenseth sent over during today’s race at Talladega Superspeedway. I’d say they haven’t hugged it out yet.

Kenseth hasn’t really even talked to Logano after his crash from the lead last week. Given how Kenseth behaved when he got angry during last year’s Chase for the Sprint Cup, let’s just say that Logano should probably watch his back whenever he has to travel between trailers...just in case a crazy man tackles him from behind.

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PotbellyJoe and 42 others

I know it’s strategy, but it’s pretty cheap to win by causing wrecks on restarts. There’s playing to win, and then there’s winning with pride. It’s clear which Logano chooses consistently.

I’m a casual fan, so I don’t need to stir the pot too much, i really know nothing apart from watching maybe 4 races a year, but the nearly stopped restarts, that’s garbage and Joey knows it.