I Had Tequila And Watched 5 Fast & Furious Films So You Won't Have To

The new Fast and Furious movie, Fast and Furious 6, is coming out this weekend, and seeing one of these movies for the first time can you leave you feeling a little lost. Luckily, I sat down with a bottle of tequila and watched all five previous films, so that you don't have to. Good times naturally ensued, all captured on video.


It took too much tequila and way too many hours, so that may explain why I look like a bit of a sweaty hideous mess. Then again, franchise director Justin Lin is the 21st-century Truffaut, so it was clearly totally worth it. That being said, I really don't recommend doing this, if for nothing else than your health.

A big thanks to my friend Jesse Casco for helping me throw this all together, and for helping me get through all that tequila. After five of these things, the tequila was very necessary.



I know Im probably in the minority, but I quite enjoy the Fast and the Furious movies. Not as amazing films or examples of a good car movie, just popcorn fodder. Cool cars and scantily clad ladies dont hurt.