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I just want to say that, as an Art History major, I think this painting done to advertise a 1957 German Ford Taunus—a car that got a V4 engine later in its life—is strangely good, as a painting. If this was in a gallery at a huge size, it’d feel sort of like an Alex Katz or even a David Hockney or something like that.


I know it’s an ad and just a picture of a view through a windshield, but it somehow conveys a story here—the viewer in the car, us, seems hesitant to leave to join everyone out there. What happened? Why are we sitting in the car? What’s in that suitcase? Is she still mad at us?

Also, I like it compositionally. This dumb ad is a better painting than I ever managed in all my art school time. Maybe I should have been trying to sell old Fords.

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Mustang 'DontHitTheCrowd' GT

Can an automaker make a dashboard like this work? I get it - airbags, infotainment, soft plastic for fragile fluid-filled meaty heads.  But dang if it isn’t gorgeous..