Now, I know that we Jalopnik writers love us some hyperbole. Everything here is "crazy" and "insane" and full of things we "can't stop watching." But let's put all that aside for a second, friends. Let me be completely honest with you. This track day video has the worst driving I have ever seen.

The driver of this Nissan GT-R at a Bedford Autodrome track day in England is a knob. And a knob who's lucky he didn't kill someone.

His on-track behavior is unfathomably stupid, completely inexcusable, and worst of all, very dangerous. This is a man who owns a car he has no business driving, and who does not belong on a race track.

Over the course of the 10 minute video, the driver rests his hand on the handbrake; takes corners with just one hand on the wheel; rests his elbow on the door; overtakes other cars mid-corner and in braking zones by nearly crashing into them; dicks around with the infotainment screen, which he doesn't seem to understand how to use; has the worst hand placement and wheel control I think I've ever seen; and plows over every other car in the field simply because he has the power to do it.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why people hate GT-R owners.

In almost any other car, his lack of skill and lack of respect for what he's doing would mean he'd be in the grass or a wall or someone else's car not long after taking off.


But nooooo, he's in a GT-R! The magical computer car with five billion horsepower that you don't need to learn to drive because it does all the work for you! Just plant your foot and go, knob, you have a GT-R! Fuck the proper line, fuck braking, fuck hand control, and most of all, fuck everyone else!

Are all GT-R owners like this? Of course not. Plenty of them actually know what they're doing. But there aren't many other cars that let you get away with this knob's dangerous level of incompetence.

Except he apparently didn't get away with it, according to the YouTube description:

Rumour is the driver in the video crashed into a MP12 WHILE he was already under yet another black flag. The McLaren driver said that he had to turn in opposite lock to keep the car from spinning after the impact. The passenger of the McLaren also commented that the GT-R carried on out breaking cars and passing cars while in the corner with a large propane tank AFTER they had collided.


Excellent job, knob. You've raised the bar.

Hat tip to Ryan Lewis!