The Dino 308 GT was never really the most desirable car to come out of Maranello. Nice examples are currently trading in the $33,000 range. This car was totally crashed, is now "art," and just sold for $250,000. This makes no sense.

How the hell is a car that belongs in a junkyard now a $250,000 piece of art? It's getting to the point where I'll soon be able to say my garbage is "modern minimalist impressionism" and get a return of ten times more than I paid for it in the first place.

The only work that went into this "art" was a man making a mistake and crashing his Dino. I imagine the collector who bought it also paid $60,000 for an iPhone with a cracked screen.

The buyer must not be an investor. If I wanted this art, I could get it for just $30,000: I'd buy a Dino GT4, drive it, and then crash it myself. Boom. Art. If the artist had bought it and crashed it to make a statement then, sure, why not? Art! Not art I'd particularly love, but there would at least be an ethos.

This is why we can't have nice things.