Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe candidate is a Sebring-based faux-Bentley that will really let you pretend you're a have when you're really a have-not. That is if its price is low enough to let you have it.

Terra means Earth in Latin, Spanish and Italian, languages of the Mediterranean as well as of love. It doesn't matter what language you happen to speak to know that yesterday's 1978 IH Terra was loved enough to come away with a 54% Nice Price win, even at its eight grand asking.

Speaking of a love of language, I'll bet there will be some colorful descriptions of today's Chrysler Sebring GTC Bentley Continental GT convertible. Some of those words might be in praise of what has been realized, while others may be less so kind.

Do you like to play dress-up? I think the official term is Cosplay, but that perhaps doesn't encompass those who like to do so behind drawn drapes lest the neighbors find out.

For all the Comic-Con Link lookalikes and those less public portrayers of something they are not, I give you this Chrysler that's dressed up to look - pretty much - like a Bentley Continental GT. And the M. Night Shayamalan twist? It's not in Florida!


Nope, this Faux-tinental comes to us from downtown Big Apple. Now, New York is the city that never sleeps and I can aver that having a soft top Bentley there without a secure parking spot would certainly give me sleepless nights. Fortunately, like cubic zirconia, surimi, and Big Bang Theory's Sheldon actually being physically attracted to Amy, this ain't the real deal.

I know, right? You can stop rubbing your eyes and going, whaaa? because this is in fact a Chrysler Sebring that has gone from blah to BRAH! with the addition of a very comprehensive and potentially copyright infringing body and interior kit. Oh, and it also has a sick-cool wing on the back.


It also sports rubber band rims, side skirts, and matte finish hood/grille (carbon fiber?) that makes this look not just like a Connie, but like the most bad-ass one around. And because it's a convertible everybody will be able to see you rolling in it, and will think you are oh so G.

You'll also be rolling in... well, perhaps not the lap of luxury, but at the very least its upper thighs. There's ostrich diamond pattern upholstery and little chrome eyeball vents, just like in a real Bentley. Plus, while the gauge cluster and switchgear might scream mediocre Mopar, the twin-hooded dash and all the "B" logos say bentley, quietly and with traditional English dignity.


You know something else that's English and dignified? Not flinching when the service manager tallies up your Bentley's maintenance bill and it's more than the GNP of Uganda. That won't ever be the case here because while the 200-horse 2.7-litre six isn't known for being a paragon of reliability, at least if something does wear out or break you can probably find the part at Pep Boys.

And while you're there at the house that Manny, Moe, and Jack built, you might want to also peruse the accessory aisle because what a car like this can never have too much of is bling. That shopping spree may be a while in coming however as the ad notes that the car runs without issue and that all the luxury accouterments - power windows, nav system, roofie dispenser - does its expected job without fail.


Your job is to decide whether this car - as presented in the ad - is worth $29,000. What do you think, is that a fair price to fake it? Or, is this Bentley poseur priced too close to the real deal?

You decide!


Manhattan Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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