Psycho Russian Motorcyclist Trashes Nissan Juke With An Angle Grinder (Updated)

Russia, if you're ever in the market for a new national motto, I have a suggestion for you: The Country Where Everyone Is Crazy And No One Should Be Allowed To Drive.


Case in point: this video in which a Nissan Juke swerves in front of a motorcycle rider to avoid a truck parked in the road.

Now, just about every rider on the planet has had some experience where an inattentive driver cuts them off or nearly hits them in some way. Often, the matter is settled by the rider simply waving his or her hands angrily, or in some cases, banging on a car's window as they drive by.

That's in normal places. But this is Russia. Here, the rider pulls up next to the Juke, whips out an angle grinder, and uses it to destroy the car's side mirror. (He also slaps an "NTV" sticker on the windshield, but we don't know what that's all about. NTV is a television station over there, but it has a different logo.)

The act is crazy enough that it inspires some other random dude to run out of his car and confront the motorcyclist, but he just rides off, having made his point.

Road rage is always better when power tools are involved, no?

UPDATE: As commenter artem9000 points out, this video does appear to be staged. It seems to come from this Russian blogger who says he made it to make drivers more aware of what's in their mirrors.


While elements of the video did seem a bit fishy, this kind of road rage reaction was pretty plausible. Because Russia.



I have this sudden urge to play this.