The Geneva Motor Show was a rich show for the car enthusiast, with insanely powerful hypercars from Ferrari, McLaren, and Lamborghini. On top of all that, the carmakers brought out some of the most beautiful professionals we've seen at any show.

Geneva was as good a show as we've had in a while. The new Ferrari isn't totally hideous like some of its stablemates (I'm looking at you, Ferrari California), the new Lambo was so over-the-top people started asking questions about the management's sanity, and there's an Alfa Romeo with a carbon tub coming to the United States. It's priced out of the causal enthusiast's reach, but hey, this is Geneva, and if you're not in the six figures, you're an economy car.

You shouldn't expect anything less from a massive, high-profile car show in the heart of Europe, but we're still a little amazed at the women here. They are absolutely gorgeous.

All of these photos were taken by the excellent Guillaume P. Boppe, and if you're looking to download them, check out his Flickr page. Alternatively, open up one of these images in a new tab and change the url code at the end from /ku-bigpic.jpg to /original.jpg.

Photo Credits: Guillaume P. Boppe