I Have a New Favorite Porsche

My automotive internet seems to have been slightly obsessed with builds as of late, in which people struggle to put together their ultimate dream car. That’s fine, sure, but what’s better than a perfectly built car is a perfectly driven one. Watch now the Rally Belga team’s 1984 Porsche 911 SC driven way, way over the limit.

Even in our world of utterly adored air-cooled 911s, this ‘80s SC isn’t a particularly beloved car. It was a kind of awkward middle period for the 911, between its classic 1960s youth and its 1990s final form.


And this car specifically was kind of caught out. The video announcer explains that it’s in the age of Group B, when dedicated all-wheel drive rally supercars are hitting the stages. The 911 is comparatively low-tech and old school.

But it was still a very competitive car, taking a number of podiums across Europe in the series below the WRC.

Mostly, just watch and see how sideways it gets. It’s so good.

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