Technicians at McLaren Special Operations might see P1s with their rear clamshells taken off all the time, but the same can’t be said about the general public. But wait, here’s one, photographed by Alex Bellus from every possible angle for your viewing pleasure!

It’s certainly a bummer when your $1 million+ McLaren P1 needs a new tail light because one of the LEDs was burned out already at delivery, but as this particular P1 already covered 2,000 miles since March, a McLaren guy was flown in to Imola Motorsports to have a look at the rest while they were at it.

Those 903 horses sure need a lot of radiators.

No real need for further explanation. Just take your time and get lost of the engineering details of the P1 because there’s a lot going on under those carbon panels waiting to be discovered by the geek in you.

Choosing will be hard, but what’s your favorite detail?

Funny story about that battery from 2013...

Yeah, so that’s pretty much why they fly people in.

Photo credit and hat tip to Alex Bellus!

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