More Of BMW's M Cars Could Get All-Wheel Drive

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Mercedes-Benz's AMG division recently took the controversial step of installing all-wheel drive on some of its wild cars like the E63 AMG, which put BMW's M in a predicament over what to do with some of its powerful cars.


Unsurprisingly, the X5M and X6M performance SUVs have sent their power to all four wheels, but BMW hasn't added an xDrive system to any of its power-rich M cars. Yet, anyway.

According to Motoring, big M cars like the next-gen M5 and M6 could be equipped with some kind of all-wheel drive system to rival the four-wheel-driven AMGs, Audi RS cars and hot Panameras.

M head Friedrich Nitschke says it's a possibility as on option on those M cars so that these powerful cars can keep up with the competition. But Nitschke says it won't be standard "because a lot of M drivers prefer rear-wheel drive."

That's probably comforting news, since AMG transformed the tire-smoking E63 into something Travis called "almost docile" when he drove the 4Matic version alongside a bunch of performance cars. Aside from adding weight, some kind of xDrive will definitely transform these torque-rich Ms.

It's probably comforting, then, to M purists that Nitschke says the new M3 and M4, which are coming soon, will definitely not get an all-wheel drive system. In fact, he said "Never."


I mean, they're already turbocharging all of them. The M president knows there's only so much change people can take.

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Victorious Secret

I give it another generation before the M3/M4 have AWD.

How can I say this?

Because of this.

There is a large market that goes after such cars because they pack AWD, so they can still use them with more peace of mind in winter. Ya ya, AWD isn't the end all be all in winter but to tell someone that they can use their 450hp sportscar in the winter as well because it has a proper AWD system, that is one hell of a sales point.

BMW likes money, adding AWD expands the market to allow for more money; everyone wins. I think. No wait.

Internet bitchers, they will complain. But hey, its not like they were writing cheques to begin with.