Everyone should own at least one smartphone dash mount per vehicle, and at $6 you may as well keep some spares as well. [Gmatrix Universal Smartphone Dash Mount, $6]

If your other car is a bike, you can save big today on a variety of Allen Sports hitch racks. [Up to 50% Off Hitch Racks]

If you buy anything on iTunes, this deal is a no brainer. 20% is about as deep as discounts go on iTunes cards, and you can spend it on any combination of TV shows, movies, music, and apps. [$50 iTunes Gift Card, $40]

If you own an Android device, Amazon is basically giving away $10 in free app credit just for downloading five free apps. Whether you keep the apps or not is irrelevant; the $10 is yours to use as you see fit on the Amazon App Store.

If you haven't yet downloaded GTA: San Andreas from Amazon, they're still giving away $20 in coins with your purchase, so you could use your $10 credit to buy the game, and end up with $23 and six new apps in your pocket without spending a penny. [$10 in Free Amazon Coins]

Even if you never film an awesome meteor, a dashcam can save your bacon when dealing with insurance claims and police reports after an accident. For $87, why not? It even includes a free 16GB Samsung MicroSD card. [OjoCam Pro Mini 0801 Dash Camera with GPS & G-Sensor, $87]

This massive tool set comes complete with a bonus three-drawer metal toolbox, and is steeply discounted today. [Craftsman 283 pc. mechanics Tool Set, $226]

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