I Don't Know How This Bathurst Marshal's Huge Balls Fit Over The Wall

This is a blind hill right before The Chase, the infamous section of Mount Panorama Circuit that was added to slow down the ludicrous speeds cars achieve on the Conrod Straight. It’s one of the fastest parts of the Bathurst 1000, and cars can’t see much above the crest of that hill.


A piece of debris was on the track over the hill. Instead of pausing the race, one brave marshal just went out to retrieve it.


Yikes, dude.

Fortunately, no marshal was harmed in the retrieval of this chunk of car. We are, however, convinced that he’s got balls the size of New Zealand.

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Wow, big fuckin deal. Even if a car came over the crest, he still had a second to jump out of the way. This post is lame.