IndyCar Is Back At Watkins Glen

IndyCar at Watkins Glen, 2010. Photo credit: AP Images
IndyCar at Watkins Glen, 2010. Photo credit: AP Images

Few tracks are requested as often by racing fans as Watkins Glen. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Formula One or Barbie Jeep racing, people want to see it on Watkins Glen. Today, IndyCar fans got their wish: the series will return to upstate New York’s blue barrier’d behemoth on Labor Day weekend.

IndyCar confirmed the schedule swap this afternoon at a press conference during the Grand Prix of Indianapolis weekend, reports Fox Sports. The series last raced at Watkins Glen in 2010.

The deal to fill the hole in the IndyCar schedule came together in a mere two weeks after the Boston race was cancelled. Officials are working with Watkins Glen to secure a multi-year agreement for IndyCar to return, per a tweet by WRTV Sports Director Dave Furst.


This is perhaps the upgrade of the century. Sure, Boston could have made for neat scenery, but we’re getting a return to one of racing’s most historic tracks in its place.

What will it look like? IndyCar just released the entire 2010 race on YouTube for fans to check out, just in case they don’t remember:


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I was there earlier this week and did a few laps, including the Boot. The repave is amazing. Track is super smooth, curbing is beautiful. This is going to be a great race.

Also, on my lap I made the comment that Indycar should be back there. BOOM, there we are. Now Nascar just needs to run the Boot.