Yes, Jeep drivers can be asshats too. I mean, come on. How does that even happen?


Takuro Spirit

Oh the stories I could tell you about my neighbor's asshat parking.

He drives a lifted 5.9 Limited ZJ, and his passenger side is closest to my side of the house. Being that he's the only one ever in it, you'd THINK he park closer to house, to allow more space for my cars, parked on his driver side. Nope. And he has big stupid bro-truck wheels and tires, making his Jeep a foot wider than it needs to be.

Oh, and parking where he parks, you'd THINK he wouldn't have straight exhaust on it. Nope. Loud as fuck.

This morning he set off his alarm, and let it blast for 5 minutes straight. Then used the remote start to let it sit there and run for five more minutes, all the while rattling our windows with his redneck exhaust.