Kamui Kobayashi Had The Saddest Drive Of Shame In Moscow

Kamui Kobayashi's flamboyant style caused a bit of hilarious schadenfraude this weekend at an exhibition in Moscow when an attempted burnout in a Ferrari F60 on a very soggy road led to him crashing into the wall and losing a tire. Commence the saddest drive of shame on three wheels!


I have always really liked Kamui Kobayashi ever since I saw him driving in an inconsistently slow Toyota TF109 like an absolute madman in the 2009 Formula One season. Luckily his craziness hasn't ebbed over the years, and the way he tried to do an attempted spin-of-the-tires here is hilarious. You can hear the engine howling as it hits its rev-limiter before the traction completely breaks and Kamui puts himself into the barrier.


Rather than sit there and wait for a truck to come by while everyone points and laughs at him, he shamefully limps the car away. If cars had tails, this one would be between its legs. Here's another angle of him crashing an F1 car despite not actually being in the middle of a race:

H/t to McNewbie!

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