Watch This Tiny Car Get Insane Air Off The Coolest Miniature Jumps

If you applied the focus and care a bonsai master tends his tiny trees with, except you were making a small-scale off-road track, you'd end up with this. And holy crap does it look like fun, just watch that little car rip!


As a bonus, this might be the first off-road video I've ever seen with just the right amount of slow-motion.

The power-to-weight ratio on this little monster must be something obscene. And whoever's driving it has obviously put in a lot of practice behind the wheel. Or, little tiny levers or whatever.

...Great, now I'm on Craigslist looking for Traxxas R/C cars.

Hat tip to Damron and T.W.!



Brushless E-Revo's are a ton of fun: cheap(ish) durable(ish) and so much torque you can do whatever you want, backflips from a standing start? mid air corrections? yeah