Sometimes we feel bad when cars get damaged or destroyed in ridiculous accidents. Take that ultra-sad Lamborghini Miura fire from a couple weeks ago, for example. But this Dodge Avenger falling into a Chicago sinkhole? I can't say I feel too bad here.


You'll recall that a section of the street in the city's Southeast Side collapsed yesterday, taking two cars with it. One local news station captured footage of a third car also falling into the sinkhole, and some wonderful person has turned it into a .GIF for us to enjoy.


All I can say is I hope the Avenger owner gets a decent insurance payout and is able to buy something else. There are a ton of cars that are better than a Dodge Avenger, like... well, anything, basically.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to stare at the .GIF some more. It doesn't appear to be getting old anytime soon.

Hat tip to For Sweden!

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