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I Can't Stop Watching These Canadians Get Wrecked By A Snow Storm

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Canadians. They’re the folks from “up there” who only take breaks from hockey and profuse apologies to laugh at us Americans for our inability to drive in snow. Today, it’s America’s turn to laugh.

Canadians, man. All it takes is a dusting of snow, and they completely forget how to drive. It’s like they’ve never seen winter before! They need to go back to the Bahamas or something.


Statements like these have never in the history of humankind been uttered about Canadians. But I just did, because look at the absolute shitshow that happened this morning in downtown Montreal:

This video is just a total disaster from start to finish. First there’s a bus crashing into some cars. Then there’s a service truck crashing into that bus. Then there’s another bus crashing into that service truck. Then there’s a police car crashing into that other bus. Then there’s a snow plow crashing into the police Charger!


Okay, so this wasn’t really the Canadians’ fault, as La Presse says at least the buses involved had snow tires on them, and it’s probably safe to say the plow and police vehicle did, too.

So really, this was just some seriously wicked ice. Still, at least we yanks aren’t the only ones struggling with the stuff. Even the seasoned veterans up north find themselves sliding like curling stones every now and then.