I Can't Be The Only One Who's Thought This, Right?

Ever been behind a 2000-2003 or so Hyundai Elantra GL? You know those odd little lights in the license plate recess that house the reversing light and those auxiliary taillights (maybe rear fogs)? Don't the remind you of bloody fangs?

To me, they seem about as close to bloody fangs as you're likely to get in the medium of the DOT-approved taillight. Was this an intentional design decision from Hyundai's design department?


Vampire stuff was pretty popular in this era; I don't think it's out of the question that a Hyundai lighting designer may have been a little Vampire-obsessed and worked in a little subtle tribute to his or her favorite undead beings? Maybe?

I tried to search for both "Elantra" and "fangs" to see if anyone else was with me on this, but all I found was a series of fantasy books called the "Chronicles of Elantra." It doesn't seem to have anything to do with Hyundais. Or any cars, Korean or otherwise.

Also, look at the middle book on the top row there. "Courtlight?" Really?


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