I Ate Hot Dogs From An R/C Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Drone And It Was Amazing

It’s National Hot Dog Day, which is our most truly American holiday. Plenty of nations celebrate independence, presidents, and arbors... but how many celebrate encased meat? I enjoyed the day by eating Oscar Mayer hot dogs out what can only be described as a remote controlled hot dog-serving drone. AMERICA!

Oscar Mayer emailed us up and said they were building a “wiener rover” do deliver tasty sausage treats to the people of America and would we want some hot dogs. We said yes.


What you have here is 43-inch version of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile with a high-end R/C chassis with an electric motor running off a Lithium Polymer battery. The thing hauls ass, has three locking differentials, and opens up to reveal wieners. It’s basically a Mercedes G55 AMG.

In order to spread the joy of meats throughout SoHo I took it on a little walk with fellow Longhorn and Weinermobile “Hotdogger” (that’s what they call the drivers) Angus Beef Angie to one of New York’s best vegetarian eateries.

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