It’s National Hot Dog Day, which is our most truly American holiday. Plenty of nations celebrate independence, presidents, and arbors... but how many celebrate encased meat? I enjoyed the day by eating Oscar Mayer hot dogs out what can only be described as a remote controlled hot dog-serving drone. AMERICA!

Oscar Mayer emailed us up and said they were building a “wiener rover” do deliver tasty sausage treats to the people of America and would we want some hot dogs. We said yes.

What you have here is 43-inch version of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile with a high-end R/C chassis with an electric motor running off a Lithium Polymer battery. The thing hauls ass, has three locking differentials, and opens up to reveal wieners. It’s basically a Mercedes G55 AMG.

In order to spread the joy of meats throughout SoHo I took it on a little walk with fellow Longhorn and Weinermobile “Hotdogger” (that’s what they call the drivers) Angus Beef Angie to one of New York’s best vegetarian eateries.


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