Hey, girl. Does your man drive an Audi? Then you better start checking up on his, um, extracurricular activities, according to data released from the UK's top "dating site" for married people.

That website, IllicitEncounters.com, revealed that a whopping 22.2 percent of their members who responded to a poll reported that they drive Audis, according to their official blog. That means that Audi blew past last year's winner, BMW, to take the top spot on the cheater site.

Interestingly, the third-place finisher is Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen came in fourth. So basically, if your husband/wife/partner drives any nice German car, you may need to be worried that they're fooling around behind your back.

Perhaps you'll want to come along for their next, ahem, "track day."

Photo credit Shutterstock/Audi

Hat tip to Autoblog!