We're hearing from multiple sources that Bertel Schmitt is out at The Truth About Cars, much to the disappointment of everyone named Bertel Schmitt and almost no one else.

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Matt Hardigree

I assume it's over this, but have no idea. Steven Lang has contributed to Jalopnik but Schmitt continued to insist that he left TTAC for Jalopnik, which simply wasn't true.

There was no value added to TTAC by Schmitt. He was a bully and, honestly, not a very good one. I like TTAC and out of respect for the good people who work there (Doug, Sajeev, Derek, Baruth) I did my best to ignore his frequent sniping at us.

My hope is the people who own TTAC will put any of those good people in charge and the site can return to doing what it does best.