The GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate Is A Neat Trick To Sell You More Options

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GMC has had a firm grasp of the luxury truck market since before it was the thing to do. Now that the competition to cram opulence into pickups is escalating they’re adding more cost to their Denali line. Nice looking truck, but where are the fun gimmicks to get excited about?


Meet the new GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate, which is just a current Sierra Denali with all the options automatically selected.

The Ultimate trim, only available on 4WD crew cab Sierra Denali trucks, gets you 22” rims, a sunroof, chrome tow hooks, retractable side-steps, lane keeping, and automatically dimming high beam headlights.

I will admit those steps, the Tri-Mode Power Steps, are great. Open the door and they fold down to let you climb into the cab. Tap the back and they swing toward the bed for cargo access. But that’s not an Ultimate exclusive, it’s just an awesome GM truck option.

Ultimate is not really a misnomer then; a Sierra Denali with every option is the “ultimate” version of the truck. It’s just not really new in anything other than name.

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I am only 45 yo and I remember owning trucks lucky enough to have working heaters and a window crank on BOTH doors.

Pfft to your air con, sat nav and bluetooth enabled in dash sandwich warmer. Maybe some of you even remember getting OUT of the truck to engage the 4 wheel drive hubs.