Falsterbo, located in south-western Sweden, is known as a Swedish paradise where people from the big cities of Malm , Stockholm, et al. come to spend their summer vacations. It's also known for having one helluva race track that's home to one helluva sprint race and classic car show. This year however, some dastardly driver appears to be pretending he's the Stig. The tell that told us he wasn't the Stig was actually pretty easy — I mean, he went and crashed an Ariel Atom into the security wall. What was this pretender trying to do anyway — give the Stigster a bad name? Here's the in-cockpit camera view of what it's like to crash an Atom 2 into a security wall — just to prove it's not really our Stiggie.

Top Gear Tivo: Stig Attempts World Indoor Speed Record — But Wait, There Is A Punchline [internal]


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