I Am Indy: Wert and Austin Cover Indy; Indy Runs In Terror

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Have we got a treat for you. We're sending Mike Austin, of Davey-coverin' fame — and our very own Ray Wert on a mini Cannonball Run to Indy and back to cover the grandaddy of automotive whiplash, the Indy 500. Here's the better news — Mike's conned the General into dropping off a sweet ride for the trip — the grandaddy of motor muscle, the Chevrolet Corvette — that's right, a candy-ass candy-apple red Corvette — with chrome wheels! They're gonna be live-blogging all the way from the Motor City itself, straight down to Indy at speeds that'll make their knuckles white — and your heart beat faster than a steroid injected junkie's. But we're part of a team here at Gawker Media, so we've added our sports-loving brother blog, Deadspin into the mix. So we need you to keep re-freshing on either the 'I Am Indy' mini-site we've set up — or if you're one of those techno-nerds, pick up the RSS feed directly.

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