I Am Indy: Let's Get It Started, Hot!

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So, we decided with two and a half hours to go its high time we quit the shenanigans and cover the race — so to start we're providin' a fun and nouveau way of dropping the "starting grid" — a term we just learned today — with pics from yesterday's parade. See, Chevy's like this big sponsor of Indy stuff — and they provided a crap-load-a SSRs to truck the racers through the parade. So, in honor of Chevy using low-selling trucks to cart racers around — here's our montage of the Indy racers, by row. Also, remember to check back all day starting at 1 PM EST as our bad boys Mike and Austin report the race from the coziness of corporate hospitality suites on the infield. Plus, Ray's gonna get his first taste of the hotness — and dirtiness — of the Indy infield. It'll be hot, apparently just like our pit passes.

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