I don't think I could give a rational explanation about why these make me so happy. They're modern Japanese Kei-class vans, and this company makes kits to make them look like old VW Buses, Citroën HY vans, old American vans, early Japanese vans, and more. These things feel like raw, distilled, weaponized fun.

They've got versions that ape old Dodge A100 vans, early Honda Vamoses, both bay-window and split-window eras of VW Type IIs, what I think are Goggomobil vans, and even something that looks like an even cartoonier Nissan Pao, a feat that science hasn't previously considered possible.


I know these things are ridiculous. I don't care. I want one of these, badly. I would choose one of these over cars so vastly better it would probably be evidence enough to have me institutionalized.

And I'd have no regrets. Just look at some more pictures of these bonkers slabs of delight: