Some movie stars always end up in the coolest cars in their movies. Jalopnik readers know the very luckiest movie star drivers of all.

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This is a different question than simply ‘which actor has the coolest car collection.' If that were the case, we'd point out that Jay Leno was in a turkey of a movie one time, so his humongous garage would win.

No, this is about actors who play characters on screen who always get to drive nice cars. It's not about real collections; it's more like the gearhead version of typecasting.

Of course there are tons of actors who get to play characters with cool cars in just a few movies, but not every one of them got to make it on the list. We really wanted to put Lindsay Lohan on here for Herbie, but she hasn't gotten behind the wheel of much else. Well, other than the times she's crashing Porsches and Mercs, but that's the real world.

So let us know if your favorite actor who drives cool cars in all the films he or she is in didn't make this list. Post their on-screen rides in Kinja below.

Photo Credit: Iron Man

10.) Jason Statham

Statham would get on this list for the E38 BMW 7 series in Transporter alone, or even for the rest of the Transporter series' Audis. We really want him on the list for all the cars in The Bank Job. All those ‘60s and ‘70s British classics make us jealous.

Suggested By: DeeCeee, Photo Credit: IMCDB

9.) Robert DeNiro

Again, DeNiro couldget on this list from the strength of one movie alone. It's all about Ronin — the guy gets to tear ass in a Mercedes 6.9, perhaps the greatest Q-car of all time. DeNiro also got his hands on some much more relatable ‘80s American iron in Midnight Run, too.

Suggested By: 900turbo, Photo Credit: IMCDB

8.) Steve McQueen

The guy got to drive a Porsche prototype around Le Mans. We'll just let that sink in for a minute.


Even the rest of McQueen's movies had awesome rides. From the brown 911 at the start of Le Mans, to the Mustang in Bullitt, to the fact that he wouldn't do The Great Escape if there wasn't a motorcycle chase in it, the guy had his cars down pat.

Suggested By: Nighthawkwill7, Photo Credit: Le Mans

7.) Christian Bale

The guy gets to drive the Tumbler. You almost forget about the Lambos and the Italian motorcycles. Well, almost.

Suggested By: rafkong, Photo Credit: IMCDB

6.) Cheech Marin

The guy had a freakin' beater Impala lowrider. If that's not an attainable dream car, we don't know what is. But the 6-4 is not why he's on this list. Cheech got to drive a van made out of pot. Game, set, match.

Suggested By: Takuro Spirit, Photo Credit: Up In Smoke

5.) Bruce Willis

Let's just do a brief rundown of Bruce Willis' on-screen chariots:

'80 Honda Civic in Pulp Fiction
'55 Buick Century in Sin City
'68 Chevy Impala in Lucky Number Slevin
'71 Buick Riviera in The Last Boy Scout
'85 BMW 635CSi in Moonlighting
'68 Chevy El Camino in Stylo

We rest our case.

Suggested By: _Mécanicien, Photo Credit: Gorillaz

4.) Matthew McConaughey

You thought that Bruce Willis got behind the wheel of some awesome cars, check out what you get to drive when you're Matthew McConaughey. He got a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 for Dazed and Confused, he got a (replica) 1936 Voisin C28 in Sahara, and he got a tank in Reign of Fire. It's hard to outdo a tank, really.

Suggested By: Astonman1985, Photo Credit: IMCDB

3.) Dax Shepard

We're not huge fans of Hit and Run, but Dax Shepard not only got to drive his own 650 horsepower Lincoln Continental in the movie, he got a 700 horsepower baja buggy, too. The real reason why he's so high on the list, though, is his '81 Honda (HOW DARE YOU) in Employee of the Month.

Suggested By: Cream of Meat, Photo Credit: Hit and Run

2.) Michael Caine

Back when Michael Caine played the badass in every single British film being made he got to drive the coolest cars the studios could get their hands on. We'll just pick our top three:

Aston Martin DB4 in The Italian Job
Mk II Ford Cortina in Get Carter
Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud in Alfie

Plus, we're sure that Alfred took the Tumbler out for a spin every once in a while, you know, just to make sure everything was working while Master Wayne was away.

Suggested By: Sir Ramblin Rover, Photo Credit: IMCDB

1.) Ryan Gosling

The dude was in Drive, come on. He got a mysteriously powerful Impala to play with, not to mention a stock car racing career on the side. Even more than those cars, he got a 1987 Toyota Tercel in Lars and the Real Girl. You can't beat that.

Suggested By: Ash78, Photo Credit: Drive