Hyundai Veloster Rally Car's a 500 hp, AWD Korean cage-fighter

Details of the Hyundai Veloster Rally Car emerged this morning ahead of its Chicago Auto Show unveil on the company's YouTube page, along with video of Rhys Millen hooning it about.


Unlke the stock Hyundai Veloster, the Rally Car's putting out a more race-worthy 500 hp mated to an AWD platfom for RallyCar's Rallycross. This car will race with Rhys Millen in the series. It'll also race in the Summer X Games with Marcus Dodd and Robbie Maddison. Finally, a 2WD version will be built for the Rallycross 2WD class.

We're not going to beg for a 500 hp street version, but we'd lightly plead for a 250 hp version.

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